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January through June 2007

 Sabbath January 6th 
 Sabbath January 20th 
 Sabbath January 27th 
 Sabbath February 3rd 
 Sabbath February 10th 
 Sabbath February 17th 
 Sabbath February 24th 
 Sabbath March 3rd 
 Sabbath March 10th 
 Sabbath March 17th 
 Sabbath March 31st 
 Sabbath April 7th 
 Sabbath April 14th 
 Sabbath April 21st 
 Sabbath April 28th 
 Sabbath May 12th 
 Sabbath May 19th 
 Sabbath May 26th 
 Sabbath June 2nd 
 Sabbath June 9th 
 Sabbath June 16th 
 Sabbath June 23rd 
 Sabbath June 30th 

 "Perfect In the Final Generation" 
 Guest Speaker - Rd. Colin Standish 
 "In My Father's House" 
 Granger R. Martin, Sr. - "A Prescription For Love" 
 Billy Graham; Messenger of God or Disciple of Satan? 
 "The Spirit Of Prophecy and the Remnant" 
 "Coming Again" 
 Granger R. Martin, Sr. - "The Chosen Few" 
 "Understanding the Will" - Part 1 
 "Understanding the Will" - Part 2 
 "Righteousness By Faith" 
 Granger R. Martin, Sr. & Tyehe Bordeaux - "Honour" 
 Evangelist Ray DeCarlo - "The Unpardonable Sin" 
 Evangelist Ray DeCarlo - "The Battle of Armageddon" 
 "The Cross and the Cost" 
 Deacon and Elder Ordination - Pastor Denny Mitchell 
 Elder Granger R. Martin, Sr. - "The Judgments" 
 "Remember Me" 
 Elder Granger R. Martin, Sr. - "Heavens" 
 "The Arm of Flesh" 
 Marvin W. Brown, Jr. "Trust and Obey" 
 The Closing Events - Part 1 
 The Closing Events - Part 2 

July through December 2007

 Sabbath July 7th 
 Sabbath July 14th 
 Sabbath July 21st 
 Sabbath July 28th 
 Sabbath August 4th 
 Sabbath August 11th 
 Sabbath August 18th 
 Sabbath August 25th 
 Sabbath September 1st 
 Sabbath September 8th 
 Sabbath September 22nd 
 Sabbath September 29th 
 Sabbath October 6th 
 Sabbath October 13th 
 Sabbath October 20th 
 Sabbath October 27th 
 Sabbath November 3rd 
 Sabbath November 10th 
 Sabbath November 24th 
 Sabbath December 1st 
 Sabbath December 8th 
 Sabbath December 15th 
 Sabbath December 22nd 
 Sabbath December 29th 

 Elder Granger R. Martin, Sr. "Weep Not For Me" 
 The Closing Events - Part 3 
 The Closing Events - Part 4 
 Deacon Leroy Penn "The Nightmare Is Almost Over" 
 Elder Martin "Midnight Manna Munchies" 
 The Closing Events - Part 5 
 Gods Big Mistake 
 The Three Angel’s Messages of Revelation 14 
 Elder Martin "Dumb Dogs and Dead Doctrines " 
 The Final Generation 
 Marvin W. Brown, Jr. "Grace, Law, Works" 
 "How to Keep the Sabbath Holy" 
 Elder Martin "To Dine With Swine" 
 "Worship By Default" 
 Deacon Leroy Penn "The Time of the Signs" 
 "The Image to the Beast" - Part 1 
 Elder Martin "Stand Still and See the Salvation of God" 
 "The Image to the Beast" - Part 2 
 "What Must I Do to be Saved?" - Part 1 
 Elder Granger Martin "His Mercy Endureth Forever" 
 "What Must I Do to be Saved?" - Part 2 
 "What Must I Do to be Saved?" - Part 3 
 Marvin Brown, Jr - "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" 
 "The Lie ‘Disobedience is Liberty' Continues"