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January through June 2005

 Sabbath January 1st 
 Sabbath January 8th 
 Sabbath January 15th 
 Sabbath January 22nd 
 Sabbath January 29th 
 Sabbath February 12th 
 Sabbath February 19th 
 Sabbath February 26th 
 Sabbath April 2nd 
 Sabbath April 9th 
 Sabbath April 16th 
 Sabbath April 23rd 
 Sabbath May 7th 
 Sabbath May 28th 
 Sabbath June 4th 
 Sabbath June 25th 

 Preparing for the Final Crisis - Part 4 
 Jesus Is Coming, Are You Ready? 
 Preparing for the Final Crisis - Part 5 
 Love Thy Neighbor. But Who Is My Neighbor? 
 Speaker - Laurence Waller - "Good News - Bad news" 
 The Characters of God's Remnant People 
 The Characters of God's Remnant People - Part 2 
 Deception - Alive in 2005 
 The Dangers of Present Truth 
 Failing God's Test of Loyalty 
 Your Single Greatest Enemy 
 The Cross Satan Would Have You Carry 
 When Your Life Seems to be Falling Apart 
 Righteousness - True or False? 
 Are You Well Grounded? 
 The Lost Sheep 

July through December 2005

 Sabbath July 16th 
 Sabbath August 13th 
 Sabbath September 3rd 
 Sabbath September 10th 
 Sabbath September 17th 
 Sabbath October 8th 
 Sabbath October 29th 
 Sabbath November 12th 
 Sabbath December 3rd 
 Sabbath December 10th 
 Sabbath December 17th 
 Sabbath December 24th 
 Sabbath December 31st 

 Hidden Treasure 
 Living in the Center of God's Will (Baptisms- Kerr Lake) 
 Living on Borrowed Time 
 The Three Angels Messages - Part 1 
 The Three Angels Messages - Part 2 
 The Seven Last Plagues - Elder Waller 
 The Truth About the Devil- Elder Waller 
 To Be Like Jesus 
 Adventism in Crisis - Part 1 of 2 
 Adventism in Crisis - Part 2 of 2 
 Here We Stand 
 Jesus and Christmas