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January through June 2006

 Sabbath January 14th 
 Sabbath January 21st 
 Sabbath January 28th 
 Sabbath February 4th 
 Sabbath February 11th 
 Sabbath February 18th 
 Sabbath February 25th 
 Sabbath March 4th 
 Sabbath March 11th 
 Sabbath March 18th 
 Sabbath March 25th 
 Sabbath April 8th 
 Sabbath April 15th 
 Sabbath April 22nd 
 Sabbath April 29th 
 Sabbath May 6th 
 Sabbath May 13th 
 Sabbath May 20th 
 Sabbath May 27th 
 Sabbath June 10th 
 Sabbath June 24th 

 Elder Laurence Waller - Questions and Excuses 
 The Sanctuary Part 1- “The Longest, Time Prophecy” 
 Part 2- “Understanding the Earthly Sanctuary" 
 The Sanctuary Part 3- “Jesus Our High Priest" 
 Guest Speaker - Pastor Ron Ihrig 
 “Jesus Our Sanctification" 
 Guest Speaker - Johny Caramouche 
 "Spiritism in the Church" - Part 1 
 "Spiritism in the Church" - Part 2 
 "Spiritism in the Church" - Part 3 
 "Spiritism in the Church" - Part 4 
 "Be Ye Therefore Perfect" 
 "Beautiful Attitudes" 
 "Group Think" 
 Elder Laurence Waller - "The Truth About Death" 
 "Trusting in God For your Health" 
 "The Hour ... Is Come" - The 1st Angel's Message 
 "She Made All Nations Drink" - The 2nd Angel's Message 
 "The Same Shall Drink" - The 3rd Angel's Message 
 "Come Out Of Her, My People" - The 4th Angel 
 Elder Laurence Waller - "Victory In Christ" 

July through December 2006

 Sabbath July 8th 
 Sabbath July 15th 
 Sabbath July 22nd 
 Sabbath August 12th 
 Sabbath August 26th 
 Sabbath September 9th 
 Sabbath September 16th 
 Sabbath September 23rd 
 Sabbath September 30th 
 Sabbath October 14th 
 Sabbath October 21st 
 Sabbath November 4th 
 Sabbath November 11th 
 Sabbath November 18th 
 Sabbath November 25th 
 Sabbath December 2nd 
 Sabbath December 9th 
 Sabbath December 16th 
 Sabbath December 23rd 
 Sabbath December 30th 

 Guest Speaker - Diego Silva 
 Stand For What We Stand For - Part 1 "Justification" 
 Stand For What We Stand For - Part 2 "Righteousness" 
 Guest Speaker Pastor Hal Mayer "Enemy at the Gate" 
 "The Law in the New Testament" 
 Stand For What We Stand For - Part 3 "Sabbath" 
 Stand For What We Stand For - Pt 4 "Sabbath Change" 
 Stand For What We Stand For - Pt 5 "State of the Dead" 
 "Lord, Is It I?" 
 Stand For What We Stand For - Pt 6 "Second Coming" 
 "Troubles, Trials, Afflictions and God's Promises" 
 "A Loving God's Final Warning" 
 "Has Anybody Seen Jesus?" 
 Guest Speaker - Johny Caramouche - Sermon on Music 
 "The Emotion Called Devotion" 
 "Deliver Me O Lord From My Troublemaker" 
 "Why I Am A Seventh-day Adventist" 
 Marvin W. Brown, Jr - "Who Is God?" 
 O Come Let Us Adore Him 
 Granger R. Martin, Sr. "A Time to Choose"