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 Lord Is It I? 
 The 144,000 
 Living Without Sinning in 2003 
 Heaven - God's Gift to the Faithful 
 Partakers of Which Nature? 
 The Second Adam 
 Know Ye What I Have Done To You? 
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 The Little Troublemaker 
 Staircase to Heaven 
 The South Hill Vineyard 
 Nailed To The Cross 
 The Prayer God Cannot Answer 
 The Obscure Obvious? 
 The Obscure Obvious? (Summary) 
 Troubles, Trials, Afflictions 
 Thank God I'm Not Like Him 
 November 8th 
 November 22nd 
 November 29th 
 December 6th 
 December 13th 
 December 27th 
 Jesus Is Coming Again. But When? 
 An Attitude of Gratitude 
 The 2 Pronged Attack of Satan 
 Heaven or Hell? Your Choice 
 The Second Most Important Event in Human History 
 What? A Character.