Fundamental Principles
Ten Commandments


Elder Richard and Tina Vaughn

Elder Richard Vaughn was raised a Methodist and was searching for many answers to the deep truths in the Bible. At the age of 21 he discovered that God's seventh day Sabbath had been changed by man with no heavenly authorization. Digging deeper he found many other truths that were just opposite from what mainstream Protestantism taught.
"58 years and I'm still discovering new truths in my daily studies." Approximately 4 years ago God showed me how Satan manipulated the leaders of the SDA denomination to change the religion from the pure, non-trinitarian faith of our pioneers, founded on unquestionable authority, to the erroneous, first commandment breaking, trinitarian church it has been since 1980.
Richard and Tina were two of the founding members of the original Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church in November 2004 in South Hill, changing its name to Victory Everlasting Gospel Church, founded by Seventh-day Adventists in 2007.
In 2018, the church officially became a One True God Church, fully embracing the non-trinitarian faith of the pioneers, who were taught by the Holy Spirit of our eternal Father God.

Tina and Elder Richard Vaughn

Tina Vaughn was raised Roman Catholic and converted to Seventh-day Adventism in 1982, baptized by immersion one day before she and Richard married in the Vienna Seventh-day Adventist Church in Vienna, VA. Tina serves as Sabbath School Superintendent, and Greeter. She is also the Church Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.