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We believe in the TRUE Godhead of our pioneers being One true eternal God the Father, Jesus His Son begotten in eternity and Their omnipresent Holy Spirit. We are a committed, independent, self-supporting Seventh-day Adventist church We are the parent church to Twenty independent churches in Africa, all part of the Victory Everlasting Gospel Ministry in Kenya. Fourteen are located in Kenya, three in Tanzania, one in Burundi, one in Uganda and one in Malawi, also a new, recently opened lifestyle center.

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"When Satan Can Tempt No Longer." This study is about the 6,000 year period that Satan was allotted to prove his charges against God and His throne. It will disclose the season and the year when that time has been completed. It will give the season and the year that Adam and Eve sinned as well as their age on that fateful day. The National Sunday Law, the Little Time of Trouble, Satan's personation of Christ, the end of probation for the world, the Great Time of Trouble with the Seven Last Plagues and the Second Coming of Christ will all happen prior to the date of Satan's completion of his 6,000 year allotted time. This is not a prophecy, it is not speculation, it is not setting a date when Jesus will come, it is not new light; it is using revealed information only and therefore is not new, but the conclusions are factual. You may download a word document or a pdf of this study below. If you would like a PowerPoint presention to go with your download, request a copy by email to pastorvaughn1@hotmail.com. You can listen to the full audio version or better yet, WATCH THE FULL VIDEO VERSION BELOW.

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How old was Adam and Eve when they sinned? What season and year will Satan no longer be able to tempt a living human being? See video above for specific answers.

There is a new Book by Pastor Richard C. Vaughn - Published January 2018 - "Satan's All Time Greatest Deception" - The Bible says his end time delusion will deceive the whole world. Learn what this deceptive doctrine is and how to escape it. He has most Sabbath-keepers breaking the first commandment, while they are dutifully keeping the fourth commandment and they are not even aware of that fact. Next to your Bible, and Spirit of Prophecy library, this could be your most important information book for this time. Read all 290 pages online by clicking the book graphic to the left or purchase the book by going to the following: http://satansalltimegreatestdeception.com/Book%20Order%20Page.html

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Ellen White and our early pioneers were non-Trinitarians.
How did we come to embrace doctrinal heresy? Click the graphic below
Ellen White and our early pioneers were non-Trinitarians.
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